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Crypto profit and loss calculator, for your cryptocurrency investments.

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How to use our crypto profit calculator?

  • Place the amount you invested, for example you invested $1000 in Bitcoin? insert $1000 in "Investment amount" input, then insert the price you bought your coin for example $16856, after that place the price you wish to sell or sold at, if there's an investment fee don't forget to add it, when you place all the info you will see the profit/loss(PnL) and the total investment amount and how many coins you're holding according to the investment amount and the price you bought that coin at.

How to calculate crypto profit and loss?

You Invested $1000 in Bitcoin when it was $8000 (I'm going to keep the numbers simple for the demonstration purposes), Bitcoin price is now $16500. to calculate your bitcoin profit all you need to do is: First divide the invesmtent amount($1000) by the price you bought bitcoin at($8000) to know how many Bitcoin you have: $1000/$8000 = 0.125 BTC. Now subtract Bitcoin's current price or the price you sold at($16500) from the price you bought at($8000): $16500 - $8000 = $8500. now multiply 8500 by the amount of BTC you have(0.125BTC): $8500 * 0.125 = $1062.5. Your Bitcoin investment profit is $1062.5. is powered by Coingecko.


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