Compare Cryptocurenncy Coins & Tokens Market Cap.

Compare coin A to coin B's market cap.

Coin A
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How to use MyTokenView's compare tool?

It's pretty simple all you need to do is:

  • Pick any coin, token (e.g Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, AAVE, SHIB, DOGE etc...) from coin A card. You can also set custom circulating supply for coin A if you want to increase or decrease the coins current circulating supply, by typing a number.

  • Now pick coin B , to set a custom market cap, simply type the number you want in the input under coin B . Ther result will appear below.

How to manually calculate coin A price based on coin B's market cap?

All you need to is:

Let say you want to know what Bitcoin's(Coin A) price will be if it had Polygon(CoinB) market cap. to calculate it manually all you need to is to get Polygon's market cap of $8B and divide it by Bitcoin's circulating supply which is 19.2M (these numbers are for demonstration purposes). Now we have $8B / 19.2M = $416.66. Which means now each Bitcoin is equal to $416.66 if it had a market cap of $8B and a circulating supply of 19.2M.

You don't need to check the current data each time you want to compare a coin, is powered by Coingecko, which means you get live crypto data.


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